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"Karen provides insightful arguments for presentation to the jury. She uniquely combines what needs to get done legally with a persuasive edge for the common juror. Our firm uses her for jury focus groups, witness preparation and assistance with voir dire. I highly recommend her in each of these areas. I hate to go to trial without her!"
-David H. Bradley, Walters Balido & Crain, Houston


"In my 17 year career, I have tried a fair number of jury trials. Before last week I had never utilized a jury consultant at any stage of litigation. I am sold. Using Karen for witness and trial preparation as well as Voir Dire was certainly a contributing factor to our favorable verdict. While I thought I knew my client very well, after Karen interviewed her I could have written a biography. Knowing my client's strengths and weaknesses helped us present her testimony in an authentic, organized easy way. This witness preparation was invaluable to the presentation of our case.

Karen also assisted with Voir Dire preparation, delivery and strikes. Having Karen, who is a lawyer with the necessary psychological expertise, was imperative to a case with complex emotional issues and norms to address. While I had once thought having a jury consultant would be cost prohibitive, I now strongly believe it is a necessary and reasonable expense. Thank you Karen!"
-Catherine Herrington Hale, The Herrington Law Firm, PC, Houston


"Karen Hurwitz is a unique and incredible talent in the field of jury research and trial psychology. Karen understands that focus groups, voir dire consultation and witness preparation are not just mandatory in the age of high stakes litigation and savvy 21st century jurors, she understands they are collaborative tools that harmonize the trial lawyers commitment, emotional investment, and strategies of our case with what our juries already believe and need to believe about our cases. Karen understands that the advocate cannot convince a jury of the righteousness of our cause, if we do not know what the jury wants to hear, what they already know, and what they cannot accept about or case. Karen's years of jury research and her extraordinary intuition taps into the emotional center where all our jurors make their decisions.

In one particular case in which I worked with Karen we represented the victim of a sexual assault. The challenge of the case was to help the jury move from the obvious culpability of the attacker and focus on the defendant owner of the apartment complex who profited from the conditions that made the attack on our client inevitable. Karen's jury research and advice revealed the path our evidence needed to follow to move the jury from the anger we knew they would feel against the criminal and toward the apartment owners who chose personal profits over their tenants' protection. We uncovered biases we could never have predicted without Karen's help and used those biases to work for us rather than against us. Karen's work helped us obtain a $20 million verdict for our deserving client, twice what we had asked for, but exactly what she said our jury would do. I will not go to trial in any significant case without calling Karen. She is as much my advocate as she is my client’s. I am grateful everyday she takes my calls."
-Troy D. Chandler, Chandler McNulty, LLP, Houston


"Karen Hurwitz came recommended to me from a fellow lawyer on the heels of her jury selection and witness preparation efforts for a case that later yielded an 8 figure premises liability verdict. However, Karen's emphasis with me was that with the right kind of careful preparation before a plaintiff's deposition, settlement value can be increased to the point where trial becomes unnecessary. She worked with me to prepare an elderly plaintiff for deposition in a case where my client sustained serious and lingering injuries in a 18 wheeler crash that was captured on video. Despite the crash sequence video footage, due to her life circumstances and upbringing, the plaintiff simply would not admit or fully describe to me how she was injured in the crash, either physically or emotionally. Karen was able to identify the reasons for her reluctance, help the client overcome them, and assist her in describing the full scope of her injuries in vivid detail during deposition testimony. The deposition led to a settlement offer that increased by a factor of four prior to the deposition. Karen was fantastic to work with and helped our firm and our client accomplish an excellent recovery."
-L. Lee Thweatt, Terry & Thweatt, PC, Houston


"Karen helped me with a focus group in a major case. She ran one of the most informative and helpful focus groups I have used. She is very skillful at working with the group to reveal important strengths and weaknesses in the case from the average person’s perspective, several of which were surprising, and critical to a successful outcome for the case. Karen did an exceptional job of assembling a large focus group, which truly reflected the community, which was critical to a true understanding of the local perceptions of numerous issues. Karen’s background of a lawyer with years of experience, which combined with her expertise as a behavioral scientist, brings a unique set of skills to any trial team. Karen uses science to replace guesswork. She helps unlock an understanding of the strengths of a case, while helping the trial lawyer to avoid unfounded prejudice and bias present in all humans. Her insight and tools were invaluable to providing the best quality representation to the deserving client, and yielding a successful outcome for our clients."
-Jeff Mundy, The Mundy Law Firm, Austin


"I have been fortunate to have worked with Karen both as a co-worker and as one of her clients. Karen is bright, focused and dynamic, and thinks outside the box. The consummate professional, Karen delivers what trial lawyers need: concise, accurate and meaningful guidance, along with top-notch results."
-Jay Old, Jay Old & Associates, PLLC, Beaumont and Austin


"I just completed representing the plaintiff in a complex state tax jury trial in San Antonio, Texas, and the jury returned a plaintiff’s verdict on twelve separate juror questions in just over twenty minutes. I am convinced that the certainty and speed of the verdict was as much due to Karen’s excellent work in assisting in jury selection and in consulting during the trial, as it was to my efforts. I unreservedly give her the highest possible recommendation to any lawyer who wants the best results at trial."
-Michael Eaton, The Eaton Law Firm, PLLC, Southlake


"Karen’s dual background of lawyer and psychotherapist makes her uniquely qualified as a trial and jury consultant.  I especially valued her psychological insights during trial preparation and throughout trial in our case against Harris County, in which she served as Of Counsel.  Having her at counsel table during trial gave Scott Newar and me immediate access to her insights on the witnesses and the jurors.  I also was extremely impressed by her post trial interviews.  The jurors were willing to spend significant amounts of time with her and share very personal reactions to every aspect of the trial.  This information was very helpful in light of the County’s appeal.  I look forward to working with Karen in future trials.  I highly recommend her as a trial and jury consultant in any type of case. "
-Dennis Herlong, Law Office of Dennis Herlong, Houston


"Karen is a first-class trial consultant. She combines a lawyer’s knowledge of the law and the courtroom with a psychologist’s understanding of people. In May, 2009 Karen played an invaluable role in helping our client prevail in a federal court trial of a sex discrimination lawsuit against Harris County, Texas. Pre-trial, Karen was instrumental in helping the trial attorneys craft and tailor their legal arguments, interview and prepare trial witnesses, and formulate the voir dire. During trial, Karen was invaluable in helping select the jury; assess the jury’s reaction to evidence; and prepare closing argument.  Post-trial, Karen conducted detailed interviews of the jurors and helped analyze the jury’s verdict for appeal. I heartily recommend Karen as a trial/jury consultant in any case."
- Scott Newar, Law Office of Scott Newar, Houston

"I know Karen Hurwitz on a professional level through her assistance provided to the defense team in the Andrea Yates trial. She was of enormous help during the jury selection process in both suggesting appropriate issues to discuss with the jury panel, as well as the actual elimination process itself. I, without reservation, recommend her to any trial counsel needing expertise prior to and during jury voir dire."
- George Parnham, Parnham & McWilliams, Houston

"My client and her family were very happy with the jury verdict in this case. The jury listened with an open mind to all the evidence presented by both sides and reached a fair decision. This is one of my most gratifying cases. Karen Hurwitz was an indispensable part of our trial team."
- Barry Sorrels, Sorrels, Udashen & Anton, Dallas

“Karen Hurwitz’s services were extremely helpful in establishing our jury profile, selecting our jury and in tailoring our trial presentation.  After 3 weeks of trial the jury returned a quick verdict, finding no liability as to all 7 defendants. Several jurors commented that the case was won by the end of voir dire.”
-Nick Zito, Ramey, Chandler, McKinley & Zito, PC, Houston